Paper Submission and Review System

Paper submission and review management is a vital part of any conference. It involves coordinating efforts of authors, reviewers, track chairs, conference chairs, and conference managers. It also includes certain steps, such as collecting submissions, distributing them for review, gathering and evaluating reviews to make a decision on each paper, notifying authors about the decision, and grouping accepted papers for presentation. The entire process can be a real challenge, if not managed correctly.

Each conference is different. Therefore, we provide a web-based customized paper submission and review system in order to streamline all the steps in this process. That means all authorized users (authors, reviewers, track chairs, conference chairs, and conference managers) can easily access the software from his or her computer with a web browser and internet connection. Our system is based on the most mature technology available in the market. It is written in popular PHP language, and uses powerful MySQL database management system.

Major Features of the System

Below are the major features of the system that apply to individual phases in a typical paper submission and review process. Click here to see its workflow diagram.

Configuration and Customization

  • The system is easily configurable and customizable to suit your individual needs.
  • It allows for creation of multiple tracks, each of which can be a session or panel.
  • Depending on your choice, the type of submission can be an abstract, full proposal, abstract and proposal together, or abstract followed by presentation.
  • The system can process any kind of file formats submitted.
  • The system provides a built-in communication system to send automated or manual emails to all users involved. The email templates can be easily customized.

User Roles Defined in the System

  • Author: Submits papers and/or supporting materials to the system via his account.
  • Reviewer: Reviews assigned papers and submits review reports via his account.
  • Track Chair: Manages the submission and review process for the tracks assigned.
  • Conference Chair: Oversees the submission and review process for all the tracks.
  • Conference Manager: Manages the entire system by using the admin panel.

Author Submissions

  • Authors submit their papers to our secure server via user-friendly web interface.
  • Authors get automatic email confirmation of successful submission.
  • Conference chairs and track chairs can monitor submission progress online.

Organizing Reviews

  • Multiple reviewers can be assigned to a paper by track chairs or conference chairs.
  • Reviews are submitted online either via review forms or by uploading a file.
  • Conference chairs and track chairs can monitor review progress online.
  • Automated emails can be sent to reviewers about their assignments and deadlines.

Decisions and Author Notification

  • Track chairs or conference chairs record their decisions on each submission online.
  • Decision notification and reviews can be sent to authors by email via the system.
  • Submissions that require revisions are resubmitted by the authors via the system.
  • Track chairs or conference chairs make a final decision on resubmitted papers.
  • Track chairs or conference chairs assign all accepted papers to appropriate sessions.

Proceedings Publication

  • Final forms of accepted papers can be made publicly available for download.
  • Alternatively, they can be provided to your publisher for publication elsewhere.

Backup and Security

  • The system creates an automated full backup of all the system files, databases, papers, review reports, user accounts, and assignments each night.
  • Using these backup files, the entire system can be easily transferred to your own server any time without loss of a single data if you decide to do so in the future.
  • The system is monitored by specialized software bots to provide continuous access.

Please click the banner of the left column to subscribe to our paper submission and review system. You can contact us if you have any questions.