Paper Submission & Review System

Paper submission and review management is a vital part of any conference. It involves coordinating efforts of authors, reviewers, track chairs, conference chairs, and conference managers. It also includes certain steps, such as collecting submissions, distributing them for review, gathering and evaluating reviews to make a decision on each paper, notifying authors about the decision, and grouping accepted papers for presentation. The entire process can be a real challenge, if not managed correctly.

Conference Management System

We provide a turn-key web-based conference management system that supports most administrative tasks of conference, workshop, and seminar organizers. The system manages all vital processes a conference may have, including user registration, paper submission and review, collecting payments from participants, and invoicing. System users (authors, reviewers, track chairs, conference chairs, and conference managers) can easily access the authorized parts of the system from his or her computer with a web browser and internet connection.

Online Payment System

Our online payment system enables users to register and pay for an event fee online. Users can use their credits cards for payment, which is securely processed by our payment processing company. Everything visible to users on the system can be customized either via the administration page, or we can hard-code it.

Journal Management System

Our journal management system integrates and manages all aspects of a journal, including submission, review, editing, publishing, subscription, and payment. The systems provides multiple roles including Author, Reviewer, Editor, and Journal Manager. Depending on the needs of a journal, these roles can be assigned to users.