Conference management is a complex chain of tasks involving communication, collaboration, job assignment, and decision making. These processes can be managed efficiently by using software.

We offer the following web-based systems for conferences: (i) paper submission and review system, (ii) conference management system, and (iii) event registration and payment system. We are different because we customize our systems according to your unique needs, without charging single penny for customization.

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Enrich your existing classes or offer new media-rich courses online by using our web-based Course Management System. Partnered with Moodle, we provide the most mature Course Management System available in the market.

Encourage class participation and decrease measurement errors by using our web-based Attendance Management System. Your students will love it, and you will save time and a couple of trees.

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Need a technological solution for a particular educational project? Chances are there is already an open source software available for you to use for free. Let us find the best solution for you, help with its installation, and save you thousands of dollars.

Check out our documents services, too. Our designers can create custom brochures and flyers for your institution with affordable prices.

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