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Event Registration and Payment System

We provide web-based secure registration and payment system for events including, but not limited to, conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, and gatherings. The system can be fully integrated with the other systems we provide.

The system handles registration and payment as two separate processes. In the first step, required user information is captured via customizable text fields, check boxes, or drop-down menus. All the information entered is stored in the user's account, which can be updated any time. In the second step, the user is directed to a secure page to enter his/her credit card information and pay for the event fee.

The system is written in PHP language and uses MySQL database management system. With its built-in Application Programming Interface (API) module, the system easily and securely integrates with major credit card processing companies, including Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

There is no set up fee, maintenance fee, or any other hidden fees. We do not charge according to the number of registrations; you will only pay a monthly affordable flat fee for all the features of the system. We are well aware that most conference managers need to operate on a limited budget. Do not pay hundreds of dollars for the same service elsewhere.

Major Features of the System

Below are the generic features of the system. All of these features as well as the web-based interface of the system can be customized according to your individual needs.

Installation and Configuration

  • We will install, configure, and customize the system according to your needs.
  • All configurations can be managed through an administrative control panel.
  • The system can be fully integrated with the other web-based systems we provide.
  • Multiple registration types can be created (early, regular, student, corporate, etc.)
  • Different rates can be charged for distinct sections (workshop, panel, sessions, etc.)
  • Each registration type can be charged in a different currency.

Registration Process

  • Users create their accounts by choosing a username and password.
  • Users enter their information, such as name, email, affiliation, phone, fax, and mailing address. All of these fields are customizable according to your needs.
  • All of the information entered by the user is stored in the database of the system. Users can always change their information via their user accounts.
  • Users can indicate any special requirements or requests from the organizers of the event, such as dietary preferences, access, etc.

Payment Process

  • Users enter their credit card information on a secure page.
  • The system transfers all payment information to a credit card processing company.
  • For maximum security, no credit card information is saved on our servers.
  • The users' credit card is securely charged by the credit card processing company.
  • Users can also pay by check offline instead of using a credit card.

Email Confirmation and Invoicing

  • The credit card processing company automatically sends a confirmation email to the user upon successful payment.
  • The confirmation email contains a link for a printable invoice that includes all details about the transaction (item purhased, price, etc.)
  • Conference managers also receive a confirmation email upon successful payment.

Online Reporting

  • Conference managers can view a detailed report of all payments online.
  • The report can be downloaded in Excel, Quicken, or Adobe file formats.

Backup and Security

  • The system creates an automatic backup of system files and databases each night.
  • Using these backup files, the entire system can be easily transferred to your own server any time without loss of a single data if you decide to do so in the future.
  • The system is monitored by specialized software bots to provide continuous access.

Managed Collection of Fees

  • We can collect fees on your behalf by using our own credit card payment gateway.
  • We charge 5% commission on top of the monthly subscription fee for the system.
  • We do not charge any other per-item fees. Compare us with competitors!
  • The collected money is transferred to you at the end of each month. The transfer method can be either via direct transfers to any bank account or by checks.

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