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Have you been looking for a technological solution for a particular educational project? Chances are there is already an open source software available for you to use for free. That is correct, the open source software movement around the world has resulted numerous powerful software applications that are absolutely free to download and use by individuals, institutions, and companies.

Some of these applications are even much better than their commercial counterparts. Without a necessary technical knowledge and experience, however, it may be difficult to find these applications and decide which of them are suitable for your needs. With more than 20 years of combined experience in educational software, we can help you save thousands of dollars. Please contact us to discuss your projects.

We will consider each request individually, discuss your needs and requirements, do a comprehensive research to find all available open source applications for your case, provide a detailed report, and allow you to choose the best solution. We can help you with installing the software, either on your server or ours. We can also set up a new server for your application, if needed. Finally, we can provide a comprehensive 24/7 technical support after the installation.