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Course Management System

Harness the full educational potential of the Internet without spending a lot of time learning and using complex software. We provide managed hosting, maintenance, and support services by using Moodle, which is the most mature and reliable web-based course management system available in the market. The system can be easily adopted for any course by instructors, lecturers, and teachers in universities, colleges, and schools around the world. It can be used either for augmenting a traditional classroom instruction or for facilitating distance learning.

Moodle is written in PHP language, and uses powerful MySQL database management system to store applications and files. Moodle is easier to install than most other web applications. However, if you are not familiar with PHP and MySQL, then installation and maintenance can seem daunting. With more than 20 years of combined experience in education and course management technologies, we can install, host, and maintain your own Moodle application on our servers.

There is no set up fee, maintenance fee, or any other hidden fees for our service. You will only pay a monthly affordable flat fee for all the features of the system. Best of all, you can create up to 5 distinct courses with a single subscription.

Major Features of the System

  • We will install and configure the system according to your individual needs.
  • All configurations are managed through user-friendly administrative control panel.
  • Create up to 5 distinct courses online with unlimited number of student accounts.
  • Create rich content courses with simple navigation between pages.
  • Create and maintain a schedule of assignments, tests, and quizzes.
  • Upload any type of file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) for use by students.
  • Students can be grouped in to teams online.
  • Assignments, tests, and quizzes can be submitted and graded online.
  • Grades can be posted online, and each student can view only his or her own grade.
  • Create interactive forums where students can discuss topics and collaborate online.
  • Forums can be easily searched by using keywords.
  • All course files can be backed up and restored by the instructor.
  • Detailed reports about each course can be generated by the instructor.
  • Multiple instructors or teaching assistants can be assigned to each course.
  • In addition, read-only guest accounts can be created for each course.

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